Trade Fair of 2018

HKTDC Hong-Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)- Booth Number: 5E-F23,Hall 5- Date: from 13th April to 16th April. The 123rd Canton Fair (Phase 1)- Booth Number: 2.2L37- Date: f ...

The Supergirls Behind Aosion

People often say:Alibaba's success is because there's a big bunch of women behind Jack Ma.There arealso some "SuperGirls" behind Aosion and they have a lot of identities like sist ...

Aosion HKTDC Electronics Fair and Canton Fair

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)Date:October 13-16,2017Booth NO.:3G-E34,Hall 3ADD:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre The 122nd Canton FairDate:October 15-19,201 ...

Aosion Discover The Journey Of Ourselves

Leaving the noisy city, we came to the embrace of nature, We explore the origin of the snow-capped mountains, Listen to the grass and talk about the changing world.Slowly forget t ...

Spring Tour-The Fragrant April

Spring, a season full of vitality.Birds are singing in the sky,Butterflies and Bees are dancing in the flowers,Green grass covered the earth like a carpet,Close your eyes and take ...

Lost 300 thousand US dollar,be careful!

Dear customer,Recently friends around me complained that there are some hackers to intercept the mailbox and asked their customers to modify the payee's information, which led to ...

Welcome To The 121st Canton Fair NO.: 2.2L37

Dear customer,Here we sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth on Canton Fair in Guangzhou! We will display latest new pest control at the fair. We ...

Gold coin,do you like it ?

“No Pains,No Gains” The best way to achieve the goal is to work hard. Aosion members whoever worked in Aosion for 6 years will get a special gift every year,Linda Chen, our most v ...

Lecta,Sappi,Navigator raise paper prices!!!

Lecta Sappi,Navigator announce a price increase for its carbonless paper deliveries, effective March 1, 2017. The increase will range from 5% to 9%, The price increase is unavoida ...

Because of you,Aosion will be more fancinating

We, Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, sincerely thanks all our customers whatever you are big or small. Because of you, Aosion made a great achievement: the turnover incre ...

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Customers, Christmas is coming! We would like to take the chance to express our thanks for your kindly support.It has been a pleasure to cooperate with you.We are looking for ...

Uncontrolled price increased of material!!!

Due to the paper materials shortages, prices keep increased without control.The similar situation also happened in the plastic, copper materials. And these three fields nearly con ...

How about our new products in Canton Fair?

New!New!New product!Maybe you don't see them,it's right,we just show them to a part of our customer to ensure the market goes well. About our new products,we had spent nearly one ...

Unexpected guest in The Spoga Gafa Garden Trade Fair in Cologne Germany

We would join several exhibitions every year,The Spoga Gafa Garden Trade Fair is our second exhibition this year,we carefully prepared several independent research and development ...

Emergency Notice-----Issues about Hanjin accept the insolvency management

Dear customer,We heard the news that one of the biggest logistic company (Hanjin) had suffered some unnormal situation due to the debt issues.As your partner,we think it is our ob ...

Aosion‘s beautiful journey in Xinjiang province of China

Here are the beautiful view to share with you!

"Yardshow" - New Brand of Aosion EUTM

"Yardshow"Yard,a private space.Quiet,flourishing,beautiful.Natural,warm,and comfortable,it is paradise!Better mood,better life,relax and enjoy your show!Yardshow Specialized in in ...

National Hardware Show we are here waiting for you

National Hardware Show,Las Vegas Convention Center,May 4-6,2016,Booth NO. 1104 Aosion Team are here waiting for you. Talking、Drinking、Sharing and giving gifts to you

119th Canton Fair in April 2016

April 20th 2016,this day we ushered in the successful ending of the first phase of 119th China Import and Export Fair.We Aosion,as a sophisticated exhibitor,accelerate the steps i ...

Aosion Trade Mark has been registered successfully in European Union!

Aosion was, is and will be the firm force for protecting intellectual property rights , in order to better safeguard the interest of our customers and maintain the stability of th ...

Happy March Spring Outing Exercise Of Our Team

Happy weekends day we ware spent ! why I have to say like that ? Ok, l am so excited to tell you that all staff of Aosion team go outside to breathed fresh airandhave enough rela ...

Do ultrasonic mosquitoe repellent work?

Japanese scholars Only female mosquitoes bite, during spawning female mosquitoes need to suck the blood of humans or animals to supplement Its nutrients during extreme male mosqu ...

Aosion 2016 Spring Fair information

1. 119th Canton Fair in April 2016- Booth Number - : 2.2L37- Date - :from April 15th. to April 19th. 2016Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!! 2. Anoth ...

To The Most Precious Friend of Aosion

To The Most Precious Friend of Aosion At the moment, we are ready to embrace the coming of 2016. At the moment, we are ready to say goodbye to the past of 2015. At the moment, the ...

I am a AOSION the best performer on the stage

You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future. Once time is wasted, life is wasted.Aosion we grow up here and we are happy here Sincerely, we will devote all our e ...

118th Canton Fair in October 2015

- Booth Number - : 2.2L37- Date - :from October 15th. to October 19th. 2015Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!!

Aosion Company Rename Announcement

Shenzhen Aosion photoelectricity Co., Ltd. will be officially changed its name to Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in September 10, 2015, with a new international image ...

World Anti Fascist War victory 70 Anniversary

2015 is the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the World Anti Fascist War victory 70 anniversary. In order to make the National People's participation in the central and var ...

Patent Certificate of New Utility!

After four months of the certification process, Aosion obtained a new patent certificate of new utility issued by the State Intellectual Property Office! The new patent increase ...

Chinese Valentine's Day

The Double Seventh Festival, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar. This festival ...

We are not a professional B2C retailer, Just because we are a China supplier for professtional B2C

With the development of internet and logistics, B2C on line retail is tending more mature, occupying more and more market share and becoming the main battlefield of the major mer ...

Back from Prairie

After 9 days of long-distance travel, Aosion team returned as scheduled!

11st -19th July Inner Mongolia Prairie Vacation

To celebrate we achieved our sales target in 2014 season, we will have a relaxing vacation from 11th -19th July. Destination: Inner Mongolia prairie!!! But, If you have any busin ...

New 7 products acquired the CE, RoHS certification!

Want to best-selling in EU, CE and RoHS are essential. Since last year, all products have passed the CE, RoHS certification. Shenzhen Aosion photoelectric Co., Ltd. launched 7 n ...

2015 Aosion Spring Outing

Snow melt in March, birds fly in the blue sky. Inspired by the footsteps of spring, feel the pulse of the spring, Aosion team began the three days journal. Riding, Mountaineering ...

117th Canton Fair in April 2015

- Booth Number - : 2.2L37 - Date - :from April 15th. to April 19th. 2015 Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!!

116th Canton Fair in October 2014

116th Canton Fair in October 2014- Booth Number - : 2.2L37- Date - :form October 15th. to October 19th. 2014 Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!

Aosion Team Trip in Tibet 2014

Thanks to all our friends support from last year, so we had this chance to visit the" roof of the world” --Tibet, experienced the soul shock that we never had before and feel the ...

Aosion Team -June collective outing

June 28 to 29, all members of the Aosion experience to Shenzhen Yangmeikeng a two-day outdoor development and outings,playing beach volleyball, BBQ, beach camping, experience nat ...

Team Training

Aosion team in May 2014 from 17 to 18, participated in the training of a two-day closed overnight. Transformation from awakening to enhance team cohesion and better service for al ...

115th Canton Fair in April 2014

- Booth Number - : 2.2L37- Date - :form April 15th. to April 19th. 2014 Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!!

114th Canton Fair in Octorber

China Canton Fair in Guangzhou- Booth Number - : 1.2L37- Date - :form October.15th. to October 19th. 2013 Welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth!!

The Mid-Autumn Festival Vacation Notice

2013 Mid-Autumn Festival are coming soon, first of all, we wish all of you would enjoy a nice vacation with your friends and family mumbers.According to garvement rules and combin ...

Aosion team 7 days Trip in Sichuan

To celebrate our last December sales achievement, all Aosion staff had a very nice trip in a beautiful famous natural place, Jiuzhaigou of Sichuan !

Team training

All Aosion team had an enclosed training on 14th-15th of June, to strong our team cooperation and do more better for all our customers.

May Happy Trip in Dongguan

Aosion team had a nice and deep memories trip in Dongguan Songshan lake on 18th-19th, May,

113th Exhibition Information of 2013 Spring

We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth in China Canton Fair in Guangzhou,- Booth Number - : 1.2L37- Date - :form April.15th. to April 1 ...

112th canton fair Information of Fall 2012

We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth in HongKong Electronics Fair,a professional and biggest electronics exhibition which will be hel ...